Huns Heritage – Bill Overton

This Saturday the Austin Huns are hosting its Inaugural Old Timers Day at Huns Field on Nixon Lane! In celebration leading up to this event we want to highlight a few Huns who have made success and growth possible!

The first person we would like to highlight is Bill Overton, our Old Boy organizer for this event! Bill we know you were reluctant to allow us to post about you, but we are very thankful for what you are doing and have done for the club.

Join us this Saturday starting at Noon for the Austin Huns Triple Header!

Billy O started with the Huns in August, 1975 at 18 years old before his first day of college.  Pat Lochridge was Bill’s mentor, and the Huns quickly became his family after a tough period with his own family back in Houston. He was the first Hun to make the All Texas Select Side in 1976 (making All TRU 5 times in total), was the first Hun to try out for the Western RFU Select Side, and was the first Hun certified by the TRU as a referee. Over the years Bill served as Club captain, coach, president, and treasurer, and played the following positions in first side matches – 2nd row, wing forward, #8, scrum half, and fly half. Bill’s most important advice to Huns leaders after 43 years with the Club? Always get the extra insurance when renting a van for a team road trip!

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