HunsHeritage – Shawn Rutledge

OLD BOY #2 – #HunsHeritageShawn Rutledge

This Saturday the Austin Huns are hosting the Inaugural Old Timers Day at Huns Field on Nixon Lane! In celebration leading up to this event, we will highlight a few Huns who have made success and growth possible!

Shawn Rutledge was initially a hated Huns opponent! As a hooker for Alamo City he was a constant target of the Club in games because he was such a complete fierce competitor. When he came over to play for us he was told as much and only laughed. Delighted because he was our brother now, the Huns welcomed Shawn into The Horde and channeled his ire into many victories and playoff runs. For some additional perspective on Shawn it is interesting to note that though he is a defense lawyer now in Wimberly, Texas, he was once arrested back in the day for publicly urinating on police cruiser while the cops rousted a noisy party. These days Shawn is an officianando of classic rock and roll vinyl, is a regular Facebook troll of unsuspecting Breitbart-types, and is a regular player on the Silverbacks. Whether as Club Captain, #7, or chief instigator, Shawn Rutledge may be an Old Boy now, but his fire and leadership are also
the stuff of Huns Legend!

Join us this Saturday starting at Noon for the Austin Huns Triple Header!


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